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100 CD Package + Free DVDs

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100 CD's (all - Telling Isn't Selling or Ultimate Value Building) / $6.00 each. Includes 5 free DVD video's (all different titles).


50 CD Package + Free DVDs

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50 CD's (all - Telling Isn't selling or Ultimate Value Building) / $8.00 each. Includes 3 free DVD video's (all different titles)

Troy Brown Sales Training Packages are designed to get you results. With our videos and cds, you can revamp, revitalize, and re-invent your entire sales approach. 




   Welcome to the best direct sales training available today.

  Troy Brown has decades of experience in training and developing sales professionals worldwide. Bring Troy to your company today, or provide your sales reps with the best selling information available.

  Troy's DVDs and CDs have proven to change the carreers and shape the lives of countless sales people around the globe.